3 Road Trip Games to Play When Moving Cross Country

When a family is moving cross country, it is likely that they will be making the trip by car. Because this often means that everyone will be trapped in the same vehicle for several days, kids and adults alike can quickly become irritable and restless. These three games are one way to keep spirits up and everyone excited for new adventures.

1. The Singing Game

This fun sing-along game is appropriate for travelers of all ages. It combines singing your favorite songs with chain reaction. One person starts by singing a song. The person who goes second has to connect that song with another song. The game continues with everyone taking a turn until someone messes up or becomes stumped.

Because the singing game can be kept age appropriate, everyone, including the driver, can become involved. Not only does it create a fun memory for everyone, but it will take everyone’s mind off the time they’ve spent in the car.

2. Find the Secret Place

If the passengers are starting to get road trip fever, playing this fun game not only brings out the competitiveness in the car but can also be educational. This game requires a map and a timer. One person will use the road map to find the name of a small town, landmark or geographical feature. They then tell the other person the name without giving them the location. The other person than has a set time limit to find the location. This game can become more challenging if the other person is required to properly fold their map after finding the location.

If the players are children, this is actually a great way to get them to have fun while learning how to read maps. According to Learn NC, learning how to read maps actually improve visual literacy, or the ability to read and understand images. Map-reading is also a great skill to have if GPS devices fail.

3. Road Trip Bingo

This game combines a scavenger hunt with bingo. Prior to heading out on your car trip, printable bingo cards will either need to be made or printed out to have. Each passenger gets their own bingo card. As they find each item, they get to cross that item out. Players win when they make a straight line through their board. To make it more challenging, players may be required to spot all the items on their card.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 35.9 million people moved between 2012 and 2013. About 8.9 million move to new states. Although moving to a new place across the country can be nerve-racking, playing games and forming new memories can make the move fun.