3 Tips for smoking your first Cigar

Unlike cigarettes, cigar smoking continues to have a rich subculture all of its own. Cigars are not puffed one after another and quickly smashed into an ashtray. Many of them are handcrafted by tobacco artisans and are meant to be savored as a special treat. Some cigar aficionados spend thousands of dollars to procure luxury cigars. Fortunately, there are many quality cigars available for just about any budget. If you are considering joining the world of cigar enthusiasts and have never had one, here are a few pointers to enhance your smoking experience.

1. Anatomy of a Cigar

There are several different sizes and styles of cigars from which to choose. It all depends on personal preference. Cigars have a specific anatomy, says Wikipedia.org. The tip is the part that must be trimmed and it goes in your mouth. Tips can be pointed or rounded, depended on the cigar style. The length of the cigar is called its body and is made up of filler tobacco that is rolled up in a wrapper. The iconic cigar band identifies the cigar and helps keep the wrapper tight. The open end of the cigar is the foot, which you will be lighting. Use a quality cigar clip to cut about 1/16th of an inch for smoking.

2. Toasting Your Cigar

You do not light a cigar in your mouth like a traditional cigarette. A cigar must be gently toasted to light the entire foot. Torch lighters are ideal for toasting cigars because matches go out before the foot is completely lit. Hold your cigar at an angle and gently roll the foot around until it is completely lit. If not, your cigar will burn unevenly and will be a mess. When the foot is completely lit, get ready to enjoy a relaxing tobacco sensation.

3. Savor the Flavor

Cigars are like fine liquors and are meant to be slowly savored. Many cigar smokers pair their smokes with a favorite drink, says Cigar World.com. They are not meant to be chained-smoked and deeply inhaled like a cigarette. The best time to enjoy a cigar is when you are relaxing by yourself or with good company.

The proper way to smoke a cigar is to gently puff on the end like you are sipping from a straw. Relish the warm, smoky flavor of your stogie. With each puff, you will notice various nuances and flavor notes. Quality cigars build a beautiful ash profile that does not have to be flicked off every five minutes. When the ash gets long enough, it will fall off on its own into the ashtray. Usually when you get to the ring, the cigar is done and you will feel refreshed and relaxed.