3 Ways to Show Your Patriotism this 4th of July With Lights

The Fourth of July is one of the most popular holidays for family gatherings. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association, Independence Day ranks number one as a day when people enjoy grilling. Everyone celebrates our nation’s birthday with food, festivities, and fireworks. Americans have been thrilled with holiday fireworks displays since Congress authorized them in 1777, says National Geographic.com. We use the iconic colors of our flag (red, white and blue) as a theme for all the decorations. Many people enjoy decorating their houses with flags and other patriotic themes for the holidays. If you are considering some festive decorating this Independence Day, here are some ways you can let your patriotism sparkle with lights:

1. Tree Lights

Who says that Christmas is the only time you can light up your trees? Toward the end of June, most department stores will carry red, white and blue lights in their seasonal aisles. You may be lucky and already have separate sets of these colors from the winter seasons. Bring the glorious colors of the flag by lighting the trees in your yard. If you do not have any trees, you can always purchase an inexpensive grapevine tree and decorate it on your porch.

2. Color Wheels

Remember the color wheels that used to brighten up the silver Christmas trees years ago? You can now find lighting wheels that can be mounted in your yard. You can choose the colors you want and it will reflect them on your house in random order. Some of these products even have pictures that you can project on your house, such as a beautiful flag or a picture of Uncle Sam.

Simple Luminaries

If you are picnicking in the evening, create a festive ambiance around the table and in the yard with easy-to-make paper luminaries. You can go to any craft and party store and buy small colored paper bags. They are sure to have red, white and blue ones. Take a star cookie cutter and trace a star toward the top of each bag. This may be something your children would enjoy helping you do. After the kids trace the stars, then you can use a craft knife to carefully cut out the stars from the bag so you have a silhouette. Do not throw away the stars you cut out because you can scatter them on the table cloth for some fun decoration.

Next, fill each bag with a little sand or pea gravel—just enough to make the bag stand on its own. Put a battery-operated tea candle in each luminary and arrange them any way you please. They will give extra lighting around the table and will create a warm, colorful glow while you watch the fireworks.