4 Less Common Occasions to Surprise With Jewelry

People often give gifts to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays. This situation has enabled the jewelry trade today to generate a $70 billion global marketplace.

Four Special Uncommon Occasions For Giving Jewelry

Did you know you can confer jewelry on numerous other, less common occasions as well? Consider bringing joy by giving a gift of jewelry in any of these situations:

To Commemorate a Special Journey

Sometimes artisans create special items of jewelry to commemorate travel. Items from a renowned jeweler’s studio toured during a trip or even from a city visited during the course of travels together can help cement meaningful memories for the participants.

Surprising someone with the gift of special travel jewelry offers a very kind, thoughtful way to celebrate a shared adventure. Whether you select this item during your travels, or present it later after your return, it signifies happy shared moments together in a unique way.

To Reward Exceptional Job Performance

Awards ceremonies and retirement celebrations often result in the prominent display of fine jewelry by recipients. Giving a beautiful bauble to someone to wear on this occasion remains a very nice gesture.

By shopping for a lovely jewelry gift for someone to wear to a public ceremony, the gift-giver enjoys an opportunity to offer a meaningful token of esteem and appreciation. The gift can embody a sentiment of exceptional career performance.

To Honor An Athletic Accomplishment

Athletes sometimes receive gifts of jewelry from friends, family members or organizations to celebrate sports achievements. These gifts often hold important symbolic value.

Probably the best known example of this type of special jewelry presentation relates to NFL rings. Members of victorious Super Bowl teams receive these items as gifts to celebrate the team’s success.

To Express Personal Interest

The gift of a piece of jewelry frequently expresses personal interest during the initial stages of a relationship. Jewelry can signify either respect between platonic friends or romantic affection, depending on the situation.

One example of this type of gift, a Celtic Claddagh ring, holds deep symbolic meaning, yet does not always relate to an amorous relationship. It expresses the enjoyment of loyal friendship.

Memorable Surprises

Regardless of the occasion, the gift of a beautiful piece of jewelry will please and delight a recipient. People around the world appreciate this type of present. The caring emotions signified by a lovely earring, brooch, necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet or pair of cuff links helps honor fond memories, even after many years.