4 Reasons To Get A Physical This Summer

It can be difficult to keep track of your health at all times. In fact, making sure you are eating healthy, exercising enough, taking the right medications and supplements, and getting the right tests at the doctor can be a full-time job. But just because something is challenging or difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It is definitely important to make sure you get an annual physical exam. This summer would be the perfect time to do so.

Reasons to Get a Physical Exam This Summer

1. To check your overall health

The first reason you should get a physical exam this summer is to simply make sure you know where you stand with your health. At the doctor, you will be weighed and measured, and your doctor will check your flexibility, your eyesight, your ears and your throat.

You may get other tests done as well depending on your risk factors and your age. All of this helps your doctor see if you have any health problems, but you should also come to the doctor ready with any things that have been troubling you. For example, if you have been experiencing pain in your hip or a dry cough, make sure to bring these things up with your doctor so that you can get further tests if necessary.

2. To see what changes you may need to make

Often times, when you get your physical, your doctor will tell you to work on a few things. They will give suggestions to you for changes you should make in your life style. Checking in with your doctor in this way every year allows you and your doctor to keep track of your progress together. Simply talking with your doctor on a regular basis like this also strengthens your communication and makes you memorable to them.

3. To get advice on changes

Some changes are hard to make, so they may take a while for you to overcome. For example, if you have been trying to quit smoking, you can talk with your doctor about ways you can do this, or if you have already made several attempts, you can troubleshoot together. Similarly, many men and women struggle with their weight, and seeing your doctor regularly will not only hold you accountable continuing your journey of weight loss, but it will also give your doctor the opportunity to offer you advice on new ways to drop pounds.

4. To save money in the long run

Finally, getting a physical this summer is definitely going to save you money. When you take charge of preventative health, you are always saving money in the long run. All health insurance plans must include a free physical exam each year, so take advantage of this and go see your doctor the summer.