5 Low Cost Ways To Turn Your Home Into Selling Condition

Not everyone can sink thousands of dollars into home renovations when they are trying to sell their house. If you are working on a tight budget, there are a few things you can do to catch the attention of potential buyers. If you look at your home with a critical view, you can see some things to improve that will not cost a lot of money. Here are 5 simple ideas to get you started:

Curb Appeal

First impressions mean everything when it comes to prospective house buyers. According to a published statistic from Real Town, something as simple as good landscaping can make your home sell 6 weeks faster than without it. Most buyers will do a drive-by look before they officially tour a house. If they see peeling paint, overgrown grass, and other unsightly things about a home’s exterior, they most likely will not be interested.

Take a good look at your exterior and try to see it through a potential buyer’s eyes. You would be surprised what a little landscaping, freshly- planted flowers, and some touch-up paint can do. You may even consider painting the front door to make it pop. Neatly-trimmed grass, pruned shrubs, and a tastefully decorated porch entice buyers to see the beautiful interior, also.

Neutral Paint

You might have adored the light fuchsia walls in your bathroom, but it could be a total turn-off to prospective homebuyers. We all have different tastes when it comes to interior colors. There are many color combinations that instantly date a room. The same can be said of wallpaper and border. If you are lucky and already have neutral colors throughout the house, you can do some touch-ups on the walls and casings. If you have some funky color combinations going on, consider painting the rooms a neutral beige (forget white) and remove outdated wallpaper. You now have a fresh palate that will inspire potential buyers with their own ideas, says Lushhomes.com

Small Repairs

Check your house from top to bottom and look at your interior as if you were considering buying the house. Potential buyers will quickly notice cracked ceilings, holes in drywall, or other unsightly things in the house. Most repairs in your house will just take a little time and will not cost a lot of money.

Clean/Eliminate Clutter

Cleaning and eliminating clutter is one of the best things you can do to help sell your house and it is virtually free! No potential buyer wants to come into a home that is littered with toys, dirty laundry, and stacks of junk. If need be, buy some decorative bins to corral all your children’s things to make their rooms look tidy. Scrub every surface, clean floors and carpets, and make everything shiny and presentable. Also, put away personal pictures, mementos, and knick-knacks. You want buyers to picture themselves living in the house.

Updating Fixtures

If you cannot afford to completely renovate you kitchen and bathroom, you can still update the fixtures. Most building supply stores have lovely, modern fixtures to fit any budget. A fresh coat of paint or stain and some new fixtures can update your cabinets quickly. You may also consider trading out those outdated brass-plated door handles throughout the house with trendy brushed metal ones.