5 Ways To Update Your Home Decor With Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is one of the most fascinating embellishments used today in home decor. It can be masculine and strong-looking, or it can be lacy and delicate, depending on how the wrought iron has been crafted. The look of genuine, hand-crafted wrought iron tends to change according to the latest trends. It can be made to look strong and refined, flowery and ornate, or contemporary and innovative. Handmade wrought iron is used in many popular decor styles ranging from Tuscan to Mediterranean, Italian, French Provincial, Victorian or modern.

Wrought iron has been used as a part of home decor since as early as the 16th century. Its use peaked in the 19th century. Some of the best ways to use wrought iron include:

– Wainscotting and accent panels – One of the most fascinating uses for wrought iron is when it is featured as a wainscot or an accent panel, or strip on a wall. It creates an especially striking look when combined with dark or light wood.

– Ceiling decor or part of a lighting fixture – Another interesting way to use wrought iron is to feature it as part of the ceiling decor or using things like old wrought iron gates as part of a chandelier to add architectural interest.

– Banisters for stairs or balcony railings – An upstairs loft area can be made to look open and airy with a decorative wrought iron balcony railing. Wrought iron creates a more spacious look and makes it feel as though the loft flows into other home areas instead of being a separate space. Wrought iron also works well as part of stairway banisters. The curvy qualities of wrought iron contrast well with the geometric look of the stairway.

– Window coverings or accents – Lacy looking wrought iron accents look beautiful and add interest to a window, and they can be kept black or painted another accent color for even more interest.

– Accents for a porch – Lacy ironwork in the forms of brackets, corbels and decorative accent strips has been used for centuries, especially in the southern United States, to add interest and a decorative element to front porch or patio areas. Wrought iron holds up exceptionally well in these subtropical areas of the country, where wood might not hold up as well because it will become weathered in time.