Five Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Laundry Services

It might seem like a good bit of your time and money is tied up in laundry. Whether it’s at home or at a business, you can reduce the cost of laundry services with only a few tricks. These tips can help save on your water bill, electricity and the supplies that are used.

This is where doing the laundry usually begins. You want something that will be safe to use on the clothing as well as a product that will get stain out of the clothes. If there are members of the family with sensitive skin, then you need a detergent that doesn’t have the chemicals and dyes. Begin to save money by finding a detergent that is made for the machine that you have. Most new machines are high efficiency, which means that you don’t have to use as much detergent. There are also detergents that are now more concentrated, which leads to using less of the product.

Full Loads
Instead of washing a few things at one time in order to keep laundry from piling in a bedroom or a bathroom, get a large laundry basket and wash only full loads of clothes. If the washing machine is full, then it will use less water as there is more space taken up by the clothing. This method can save on both the water and electricity.

Cold Water
While some people might prefer washing clothes in hot water because it does tend to remove stubborn stains, try to set all of the connections to cold water. It will get the clothing just as clean, and you won’t have to use the electricity from heating the water heater.

Shaking The Clothes
When you put clothes in the dryer, you probably don’t think about the balls of shirts or the crumpled jeans. If the clothing is in a ball or wadded together, then it will take longer to dry. Shake all of the clothing before it’s placed in the dryer to make it easier on the machine to do its job.

The Business Era
If you operate your own laundromat, one of the ways that you can reduce your costs is to install energy efficient machines. As you begin to see the savings with the utilities, you can start offering a few more services, such as folding or sorting, so that customers don’t have to do everything on their own. These ideas will not only save money, but you can earn a little extra with each new service that is provided.