How to Repurpose and Reuse Old Furniture

When you look around the home, you might see pieces of furniture that are simply collecting dust or that are used as a coat rack as they are covered with clothing. Instead of tossing out furniture that you no longer use or let it sit in a corner, consider reusing it by giving it a completely different use.

The box springs from a bed that you no longer use can do more than sit outside and rust. Polish the metal, sand it down so that the springs are smooth and give it a little bit of clear coat overlay. Attach the springs on a wall for a unique kind of message board. You can clip messages for the family to see or add hanging decorations that are often seen on the wall. You can place the spring anywhere as long as there is a blank wall.

Another piece of furniture that is easy to reuse is a dresser. This is an idea for a child’s bedroom so that there is something unique and personalized. Paint the dresser in a color that is bright and fun. Add stickers and designs that the child likes, such as movie or cartoon characters. Paint the name of the child on the dresser either on the top or on the front of the drawers. You can also change the drawer pulls for a fun look.

A ladder is another piece that is easy to use in almost any way. Sand the ladder and paint it in a color that blends with the room. Add sponge designs for an antique look. Position the ladder in a hallway to be used as a bookcase. You can also use it to display trinkets or a set of dishes. Hang the ladder on the wall for a place to store pictures and other framed decorations.

A suitcase is a way to create a picture box. Add pictures of family and friends to the back of the suitcase after it’s opened. Add a beautiful frame around each picture, hanging the suitcase on a wall for all to see. A plain suitcase works best as you can paint it so that it blends with the rest of the room.

An old tire can be turned into an ottoman to rest the feet. Nail two round boards on the open areas of the tire. Beginning on the edge of the tire, glue rope around the edge of the tire until you get to the center. Then, wrap the rope around the outer edge. Use a color of rope that is neutral so that it can be placed in any room.