How to Transform Your Bathroom’s Look With Ceramic Accessories

The bathroom is a functional area of your house or apartment but certainly doesn’t have to be blah and boring. When your bathroom needs a makeover and you want to transform its look into something eye-catching and spectacular, do so without having to spend much money or time by purchasing beautiful ceramic accessories. Find accessories that sport interesting designs, whether floral, stripe, or something else, and that are in colors to coordinate with your bathroom’s color scheme.

Soap Container
Every bathroom needs soap, so why not add some interest to a staple item’s holding place? Choose a ceramic soap dish for bar soap or pump bottle for liquid soap. Flat soap dishes for bar soap come in various shapes, such as square, round, or oval.

Toothbrush Holder
You’ll never forget to brush your teeth again, and kids will look forward to their dental hygiene routine, when your bathroom proudly displays a beautiful ceramic toothbrush holder. Depending on how many toothbrushes you need to stash, get a holder that provides spots for two or four toothbrushes.

Accessory Container
Typical bathrooms need places to store various accessories, such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup brushes, fingernail clippers, and other grooming supplies. Keep these items handy at all times by storing them in an attractive yet practical ceramic container. If you are storing items that need to be kept sanitary such as cotton balls and swabs, choose a container with a lid to keep dust and other debris out.

Tissue Container
Feel free to dress up a plain tissue box by placing it into a ceramic tissue container. These come in either square or rectangular shapes, so select the one that’s best depending on the size of your tissue box. If this type of accessory won’t fit on your bathroom counter, if that area is on the small side, add a decorative medicine cabinet to your bathroom wall or a shelving unit to your floor. Then place whatever ceramic accessories don’t fit on the counter onto the cabinet or shelf.

Toilet Brush Container
There’s no rule that says a toilet brush storage area needs to be unattractive or boring. Dress it up by placing a nice-looking ceramic accessory that holds the toilet brush onto the floor. Be creative by finding a container that beautifully coordinates with your bathroom’s colors or creates an accent in a bright, bold color.

Remember to keep your ceramic accessories clean at all times. Wash or dust them as you’re cleaning the bathroom. Ceramic accessories are classy-looking, eco-friendly, and hold up much better than other materials such as plastic. So when you’re ready to create a focal point in your bathroom, add some interesting and fun ceramic accessories. You’ll love the way this often-overlooked room feels.