How to use empty Capsules for Medicinal Purposes

Having empty, unused capsules could save you a bit of money on buying expensive drugs at the local GNC or Walgreens. The best medicine you could potentially have might just be sitting in your cabinet waiting for the taking while others may be in your refrigerator. No matter where you look in your kitchen, there are plenty of health benefits just lurking around, waiting to be encapsulated.

Garlic – The Natural Antibiotic

In 1858 Louis Pasteur discovered that garlic has the ability to kill bacteria like penicillin. The juice of garlic is shown to be extremely potent in healing wounds. So, just remember garlic’s antibacterial/antiviral functionality the next time you’re mincing garlic to throw in that next dish; it could be the juice that replaces your next doctor visit.

Coconut Oil – Possible Weight Loss

There were studies showing that coconut oil has what are called “medium-chain triglycerides,” or MCT. The MCTs that were present showed up in a study that promoted weight-loss. Right over half of coconut oil actually contains MCTs, which means though they may not have the full effect of dosing with powdered MCT, there may be some benefit to exercising and dieting with taking some homemade capsules of coconut oil.

Turmeric – The Holy Grail of Spices

Turmeric is quite figuratively the “Holy Grail” of all spices and there is definitely a good reason for that claim. Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin that constructs up to 3% of turmeric by volume (in its highest dosages). Studies have shown that turmeric is useful for:
– Asthma
– Allergies (as an antihistamine)
– Antioxidant (antihistamine/anti-allergy)
– Acne (still in clinical trials)
– Lifespan extension (yes, it is true!)
– Arthritis
– Cancer therapy and
– So much more!
Turmeric may be a golden-yellow powder just sitting in your pantry without much use, but you could turn this around in just a few minutes with some empty capsules. With so many benefits of turmeric, creating your own pill versions of this superfood may be a healthy choice in the end.

Ginger – The Second Superfood Coming

Ginger is another rhizome in the category of plants with Turmeric. Ginger is known for its special abilities to fight headaches, help as an anti-inflammatory and aids in immunosystem increase. This food is especially jam-packed with oils and water so blending some ginger, and letting the oil/water mixture separate to encapsulate may be a great investment to your health.

The List Doesn’t End There

With so many herbs and spices out there with plenty of health and nutritional benefits, you might consider researching some and find their benefits. Some great news and health benefits are coming from research and studies. Remember, have fun with your health and always stay informed.