Summer 2016: The Hottest Fashion Trends on the Market

The Summer 2016 runways from Milan to New York to Paris are all bringing something new this year. However, there are some common denominators in each and certain trends that popping up everywhere this summer. From the beach to the office, here are the hottest fashion trends on the market.

Belts and Sashes

It is easy to show off your waist and create an hourglass shape with a thin belt or a tied sash. This year, designers are making the waist a focal point in every outfit by adding belts, ties, and mid-section strings.

Bomber Jackets for Men

The New York Times reports that bomber jackets are making a comeback into every man’s wardrobe. While this current trend is a throwback, it can still be used as a staple in the wardrobe during the summer, since it is light and airy.

Bare Shoulders

This summer, designers are creating cutouts in tops to bring attention to the shoulder. While off-the-shoulder has been done before, this is a new twist on an old classic. This trend makes shirts more breathable in the hot summer sun.

Lingerie for the Day

This summer, it is a popular look to add a slip draped over a tee shirt. Lingerie-inspired clothing this summer are a sexy look to wear from the beach out to dinner. Slinky pieces are also great to wear throughout the day, as they are light and comfortable.


CNN reports that a lot of celebrities are into a futuristic look this summer, with high shoulders and shiny fabrics. The Met Gala put this trend into full swing for the summer, so we can expect the futuristic look to continue in the coming months.


Pleating is not only for people wearing a uniform to high school. This summer, designers are adding structural pleats to their pieces to add a little bend and a bit of flirtation.


Stripes are big this summer. Not just big in the sense that they are popular, but they are literally wide and large. While a few years ago a pin stripe was popular, chunky stripes are in now and are showing up not only on clothing but also on accessories.

Wrap Skirts

These are perfect for the summer, due to their airiness. They can be worn to work with a classic top, and then taken right into night time with a lighter shirt. This piece is easy to dress up or down and comfortable enough to wear all day.