3 Steps To Take In Order to Grow Spiritually

Making a commitment to spiritual growth can give you extra resources to draw upon when life gets hard. It can also help you celebrate more deeply in life’s good times and feel more grateful for personal blessings.

But while making the commitment itself is a big step, for many, the question then becomes, “So now what?” In other words, you are left wondering what, specifically, to do to help yourself grow spiritually from day to day.

In this post, learn three steps you can start taking to grow and develop spiritually.

Step 1: Practice the “fruits of the spirit.”
In the Christian tradition, the “fruits of the spirit” are considered to be beneficial qualities to promote spiritual good health. They include love, patience, kindness, joy, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, peace and self-control.

These fruits can also be considered character traits that can be developed and practiced towards oneself and others. Daily practice of these fruits is a great way to grow spiritually within yourself, in your relationships and in how you relate to life.

Step 2: Take time to meditate and contemplate daily.
Much scientific research has been done to explore the relationship between health, stress, concentration, memory and meditation. To date, research results have shown a multitude of benefits too compelling to ignore.

Meditation is not only a fabulous way to promote calm, concentration and a focus on the divine within, but it can also give you tremendous benefits when you are going through your daily life in the world. It is not necessary to meditate using a particular religion or for many hours a day to get the benefits, either. Even short periods of meditation can enhance everything from school grades to work performance.

Step 3: Give back.
For millennia, giving back has been a pathway to spiritual growth. In some cultures it is called volunteering and in others it is called selfless service, but in all cultures the underlying benefits remain the same. Volunteering to help others takes time, commitment, patience, goodness and so many other fruits of the spirit (see Step 1 here).

It also teaches you, the giver, how to receive thanks and gratitude from those you serve. In so doing, it fosters connection, humility and a greater ability to receive in turn.

These three steps represent just a handful of the many wonderful ways that you can begin and continue your spiritual journey. You don’t need to do more than one thing daily to foster spiritual growth, either. You can pick just one spiritual discipline, or practice, and give yourself to it fully by learning more about it, practicing it daily and noticing what you learn.