4 Advantages of Replacing Blown Lights in a Timely Manner

We all experience blown light bulbs from time to time. You go to put on the light in the closet and it doesn’t turn on, or your office bathroom light is no longer working. An issue many of us face is that we get lazy about changing out the bulb. It’s all too easy to see that it isn’t working, but it’s another thing to get up on a ladder or chair and replace the bulb inside. There are some key benefits to being swift about replacing blown lights in a timely manner, so consider these the next time a light doesn’t work in your home or business.

Benefits to Keeping Up with Blown Lights

Here are four advantages of replacing blown lights in a timely manner:

1. It Prevents Falls and Accidents
When a light blows, it creates a dark patch inside or outside the home or office. This dark patch can make it difficult to see, which could result in a fall or accident. This is especially true if the light is responsible for illuminating a stair case or step. If you own a business where a light has blown and a client slips and falls, you could be hit with a pretty hefty personal injury lawsuit that could have been avoided if you just changed the light.

2. It Improves Visibility
Let’s face it, when a light bulb blows in any room, it decreases the amount of visibility that you have, which makes it difficult to see what you’re doing. For example, if your walk-in closet light has blown and you go in there to pick out an outfit, don’t be surprised if you come out with mismatching clothes. If your business light has blown in the bathroom, you should expect to hear a cacophony of complaints coming from your employees. Not only does changing a light quickly eliminate the problem of visibility, but it reduces the amount of complaining coming from your family and workers.

3. It Improves the Look of Your Home or Business

When a light blows in the home or office, it makes the area look dingy and unkempt. This is especially true for business owners who want to uphold a certain standard. Just imagine a new client coming into your office and finding that the lighting is bad because of a blown bulb. Think about how that makes you look as a company owner and the fact that customers may see it as being lazy and irresponsible. After all, if you can’t change a simple light bulb, how are you going to be of any help to them?

4. It Prolongs the Life of the Light

When the light bulb is blown in the fixture and there is still electricity going to it, this can short out the light and cause the entire fixture to need to be replaced. This can be costly if you have an expensive light fixture or fan, and it can all be prevented by just changing out the bulb the moment you notice it’s blown.