5 Summer Storage Tips for College Students

College students typically take four calendar years to finish a bachelor’s degree at United States universities and post-secondary institutions. While some young college attendees are fortunate — or unfortunate, however you look at it — enough to stay with their parents throughout their college years, saving loads of money on rent and utilities many go far away for college.

Because the most popular semesters at universities are fall and spring semesters, many students go back home to board with their parents and guardians over summer. Apartment leases traditionally last for one calendar year, forcing these traveling students to store their belongings over the summers they spend at home. But where can you stash away furniture, electronics, clothing, and other important belongings?

Here are 5 tried-and-true storage tips that the annual 3.5 million new college students summer that even you can use.

Ask friends, fellow organization members, and other peers for help

Nobody understands the struggle of college students more than themselves. As university years are prime times for being social, most enrollees know several close friends they share apartments, close friendships, and organizational ties with. Ask nearby peers that you’re close with if you can use their parents’ homes, garages, or other storage spaces for stowing away your belongings.

Invest in weather-sealed, sturdy plastic containers

No matter where you decide to place your belongings over the summer, you should purchase strong, durable, climate-protected plastic containers to store clothes, books, and other stuff in.

These containers come in all shapes, colors, transparencies, and sizes to store virtually anything you own securely, blocking out moisture, mold, animals, and contaminants.

Keep electronics out of direct sunlight and excessive heat

Younger generations — which most likely includes you — tend to utilize computers and Internet-connected devices more than any other age group. The United States Census suggests that people between 18 and 34 have a 82.8% chance of residing in a living space with at least one computer, and an 82.0% chance of accessing the Internet at home.

Most readers are planning on staying away from their college-town homes for summer months, usually at least 90 consecutive days. Leaving electronics in direct sunlight and heat for this long is nearly guaranteed to permanently damage expensive, hard-to-replace devices.

Plan months before summer starts

An effective means of reducing anxiety about where to store your things over summer is to plan aheadAlliteration warning: Proper, prior planning prevents poor performance — and that rings true with summer storage, too.

Consider renting out a storage unit for a few months

Most storage units are affordable, climate-controlled, and secured. You can take comfort in knowing your belongings will not degrade in quality, get stolen, or otherwise lost by purchasing a storage unit for just one summer. They’re also abundant, to boot.