5 Tips on Making the Most of A New Custody Agreement

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining and financially taxing. Regardless of whether you and your spouse are at each other’s throats or getting along, coming to an agreement when it comes to custody issues can weigh heavily on both of your minds. It may be difficult to find clear and accurate information, as it seems that everyone and anyone has their own agenda when giving your their opinion. Family and friends will advise you based on personal experience, and legal professionals will do the same based on their legal knowledge.

Believe it or not, there are ways to navigate the treacherous custody agreement waters and come out on the winning end. When you and your ex enter into a joint custody agreement, it doesn’t have to become a daunting undertaking. Sharing of custody means you will wake up alone on certain holidays as your children will be spending time with their other parent. However, with a happy disposition and thorough strategic planning, it’s possible to have a positive joint custody agreement.

Use Technology

Firstly, if you do have joint custody, make your Skype sessions and phones calls count. With all of the technological advances of today, staying in touch has never been easier. Pick a time that works for everyone involved when your child is with their other parent. Also, don’t forget to be patient. For instance, if you’re child is a teenager, don’t be offended if they aren’t overly chatty. Teenagers are known to be elusive.

Think with your mind and not with your heart

While it’s easy to become overly emotional when it comes to your children, you need to think of your custody agreement in a business mindset. Putting your parenting plan in writing is sensible and ensures that there are no loose ends. Remember that your child comes first and they need to be reassured. If you are ill at ease, they will feel it as well.

Maximize your time together

When visiting with your children, make the most of it. Whether you create a scrapbook together or start another type of creative project, it will give them something to look forward when they aren’t with you.

Separating Needs

As humans, we all have needs, but putting your child’s needs before yours will go a long way. Even if you want to stay as far away as possible from your ex, remember that your children need both of their parents.

Make the Transition Smooth

Keep things simple by having pajamas, clothes and other personal belongings at your home so your child doesn’t need to transport them every time they visit. In this way, your child will feel that they have two homes filled with love.

Most importantly, always uphold your custody agreement. If it’s simply impossible to communicate with your ex, find a mediator who can assist you.