6 Reasons to hire a Moving Company for an International Move

The moving process is stressful when moving within the same neighborhood, city, or state. Moving from the current residence to another home in a different country is on a different level. International moving contains many challenges in addition to the move. A foreign country requires newcomers to learn the language, currency, and laws along with the neighborhood and city locale. The best international movers meet more qualifications than being inexpensive, fast, and award-winning. It’s not sufficient because belongings are crossing borders and oceans. International movers must have these six additional requirements.

International moving companies must feel comfortable traveling overseas or crossing international lines. Questions must have answers (not the runaround kind), and concerns and doubts turn into assurance and confidence. A company should never indicate that the company never traveled there.

Area awareness
Along with international experience, it’s helpful if the moving company knows the city and neighborhood well. They know the best routes to send belongings to you promptly. A professional asking you for directions is the last thing residents want to hear.

Professionals understand the packing process. As boxes unload on the van, professionals stack boxes from heaviest to lightest. They are careful with breakables, mattresses, lamps, furniture, and awkward-shaped decor. The results are a packed, neat van ready for the new destination. At the new destination, movers carefully unload items from top to bottom. Each item enters the new house with care and respect without scratching the floors, the doorway, or damage the item.

If something is amiss, the moving company will take responsibility. An international moving company must pack, haul, and unpack items without error. The wrong company will add stress to the move while the correct company will ease an already stressed conscious.

International moving companies must provide insurance as an option for moving residents. Accept the insurance. Accidents happen and moving insurance provides comfort in case belongings become broken, chipped, and dented items due to travel and sudden accidents.

Most companies listed in the yellow pages operate with a license, yet the expectation is to find a foreign license in the destination. Along with company license, ensure the movers have their visa, passport, and foreign documents in order. It’s embarrassing to discover the moving company trusted to haul your items to a foreign land cannot enter said land.

Never trust any moving company to haul your belongings across international borders. Research carefully and select an outstanding international moving company. Investigate name brand and unknown moving companies with international moving expertise. Request on-site estimates and compare cost based on estimated moving time (days/weeks), moving price, fees, and fine print. Select the winner based on gut instinct, not commercial or print ad hype.