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7 Great Ideas for Designing a Challenge Coin as a Promotional Product

Challenge coins are an old tradition. It began in the military, but now they are used to prove that the bearer is a member of almost any type of group, or that they attended a specific event. They’re also a useful type of promotional product, especially if you design them with care.

Use Collections

Promotions work best when they can get a person’s attention for a long period of time. If you release a collection of several coins, some people will want to get them all. Those individuals will think about the product when they think about finishing the set, which leads to a more effective marketing campaign.

Create Specific Designs

Try to use a new, memorable design for your coin instead of engraving it with existing images. It takes a little more effort, but it also makes the coin more memorable, so the benefits justify the extra work.

Keep It Simple

Challenge coins are small objects. It’s natural to want to include plenty of detail on each face, but too many details will blur together into a mess. A simple design will look much better and convey more information. Always remember that less is more when it comes to small designs.

Use Both Faces

Every coin has two sides, and you should be sure that you use both of them. Try to put a different design on each face of the coin. That will double the space that you have available for your images, and ensure that you don’t look lazy for repeating the same design on both faces.

Plan For Tie-ins

Challenge coins are best used as part of an event or other promotional activity. Instead of simply handing out the coins, you should integrate them into the rest of the event in a natural way. Determine the method of integration in advance, and then design the coin with its role in mind.

Use The Company Logo

Your company’s logo should be incorporated into most challenge coins designs. Simply putting the logo on one face of the coin and another image on the other is a popular choice, but it isn’t the only option. You can also use it as the foundation of an image that includes other elements to emphasize the link between the company and the product.

Make References

Your coin should always include references to the product that it is trying to promote. That can be as simple as putting a picture of the product on the coin, but you can also use more subtle references. A subtle nod to the product’s other advertisements or even a simple visual pun can help to make the coin much more memorable.