All About Decorative Glass

There are many interesting ways that you can liven up the glass in your home or business – whether it is found in a sign, feature wall, storefront, door, or window. Various pre-made collections, custom architectural decorative glass options, decoSHADE™, and decorative window film are available to just to start helping you achieve the new look you are going for.


Decorative window film can be a good option to add if you already have existing glass, as it is a cost effective option. You have the ability to customize the window film if you so choose, and it helps to provide needed privacy and security.


Different pre-made glass collections are available on the market to look through and choose from. Whether patterns suit your fancy, white tones, dark tones, bright colors, or metallic inks, there is a lot of variety to choose from.


However, if you are unable to locate a decorative glass option that you like that already is available, you are able to have glass custom made for your liking. There is the ability to match various types of colors whether Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Rutherford Appleton Laboratory color. If you choose to, you can have metallic inks, pearlescent inks, iridescent inks, or even chameleon glass which is the kind that shifts colors depending on the way you are looking at it – if you so choose.  Glass can also be patterned in different ways to achieve varied looks. Textured patterns have randomness to the pattern and a sense of depth, like brush stroke or fabric patterns. Geometric patterns typically are repeating, a sequence of figures typically such as lines, tiles or dots. With fade pattern, color transitions from full coverage at one edge of the glass to nearly transparent or fully transparent at the opposite end. Glass can be further customized with digital images, text, and your company logo if you so choose.


Printing isn’t on the outside where it can be scratched or destructed. The glass is constructed with the decorative printed interlayer fused permanently between two pieces of glass.


DecoSHADE™ is a fun and innovative product which either presents an opaque surface or graphic image on one side and jut a tint on the other side. It makes a great option for doors, windows, canopies, and other external glass options with the security features and solar-control that it offers.


So many things can be created with glass, it is an amazing medium. If you are unable to locate the decorative piece that you are looking for, don’t hesitate having a custom option made to your own liking.