Five Great Photo Ideas To Capture At Your Wedding

You should plan your must-have photos for your wedding, but you should also leave a lot of room for allowing creativity of the photographer. Sharing thoughts of the kinds of photos you would like with your photographer can be very helpful in getting creative juices flowing. Here are five great wedding photo ideas that should be on your list.

Take a Thank You Photo

Make a large thank you sign that will show up well in a photograph. Let creativity be part of making the sign. Your thank you sign can be simple or elaborate. Use the sign in a whimsical pose for one of your wedding photos. Then, use the image to make a thank you card, or include one of the prints when you mail out your thank you cards for gifts you received at your wedding.

Include Furry Family Members

Do not forget to include your dogs, cats or other furry family members in your wedding photos. Pictures of them dressed up as ring bearers, groomsmen or bridesmaids are fun and lasting photo treasures. Just be sure your photographer has some experience with pet photos first. It takes a certain type of experience and patience to capture your pet’s personality in photographs. A photo shoot with your pet before the wedding day may be necessary.

Aerial Photos

There are many ways professional photographers can capture aerial shots from ladders to balconies. Properly licensed commercial photographers can even use drones for capturing images they sell. Aerial shots are great for showing the entire wedding party or just capturing the full effect of a traditional bridal gown. Aerial shots of the bride and groom exiting the church are also popular.

The Reception Hall Before Guests Arrive

Wedding photo books are very popular. Arranging the images in a fashion to tell the story of the wedding day should include photos of the reception hall before guests arrive. Without the people in the photos, the anticipation of what is to come is conveyed. The images also show off the venue and the decorations. Your professional photographer can pick the best angles to capture the feel of the room while it is still empty of guests.

Nature and Wedding Photos

Outdoor wedding imagery can be the most beautiful in your collection. Timing is important for lighting reasons. The natural look and light of the outdoors can make for extraordinary wedding photos. Fall wedding photos can be exceptionally striking. You should pick a few local scenic areas to consider for outdoor wedding photos and visit them with your photographer. A professional wedding photographer knows which location will look best in the photos and will be able to pick the right time for the best natural lighting conditions.

Your special day should be captured in all the special ways you want to see it in photographs. There is plenty of room for everything from the serious bridal portrait to the first-look tears and even humor. Be sure to include as many family and friends that you can in pictures, and do not be afraid to be creative. What does not turn out well can be put in an outtake book of photos that can be equally as fun to look at years from now.