How to Execute a Local Move: 6 Valuable Tips

Though moving locally sounds easy and less stressful, it is not always a guarantee you will succeed. Any type of relocation has its own rules and guidelines that should be respected. Failure to respect such rules and guidelines can create big problems and make you have a very bad experience. This post will look into some of the ways you can execute a local move smoothly.

Prepare As Soon As Possible

It is important that you begin preparations the moment you confirm your intention to move. Come up with a checklist of what you need to do so that you do not leave anything behind. Make sure you include everything in the checklist and cross off every completed item. The checklist should cover preparations as early as 8 weeks before the moving day.

Get Packing Supplies

If you don’t want a moving company to pack for you, then you need to get enough packing materials. Make sure you have the right boxes as well as enough packing paper, tapes, color markers and bubble wraps. The boxes should be clean and in good condition and have strong bottoms and covers.

There are many ways you find packing boxes. You can go to the local supermarkets or ask friends, neighbors and co-workers who moved recently. You can also buy the boxes from a local moving services provider.

Transfer All the Utilities

You must transfer all your utilities to the new address, even if you are moving locally. Contact all your utility providers, including TV, electricity, internet, water and newspaper providers. Let them know about your intention to move so that they can reroute their billings to your new address. Keep a record of all the transfer documents just in case there is a mistake. After all, you don’t want to pay bills for somebody else.

Observe Safety

The moving process is usually intense. It is not the best time to comfort and feed the children and pets inside the house. It is also not the right time for them to run from one room to another, as they are likely to sustain injuries in the process. Make sure there is someone else there to watch the children and pets when you are moving. You can hire an expert or ask a close friend to babysit them.

Pack in Bits

Packing all the items in the entire house is nearly impractical. Use the checklist you had prepared earlier so that you know whether you will be moving all the items or you will leave some behind. Start packing from the parts of the house you rarely use, such as basements, attics and guest rooms. Also, take some time and get your priorities right. Consider packing the larger and bulky items first before you start with the smaller ones.

Hire the Right Company

Make sure you get the right moving company. Check to see if they have a valid license from the state and whether they have insurance. Also, check online reviews to see what people say about them. A good company should have a valid operating license and enough insurance to cover all your belongings. They should also have positive reviews and good ratings from past clients.